303ts Massage Chair at Costco

KOYO Massage Chairs at Costco

We are currently partnering with Costco.com to bring you this exclusive offer. Valid through 05/26/2024. While supplies last. 

Our entire Costco show team is made up of full-time employees of KOYO. This means that everybody on our Costco team knows the massage chairs up and down, inside and out. And, they’re there to help answer any questions that you may have.

Have questions about which chair is right for you, how purchasing through Costco works, or about one of our massage chairs? Talk to us on LiveChat, or email us at costco@koyomassagechairs.com

We are not currently offering massage chairs on Costco.com. Chat with Comfort Consultant for information about upcoming Costco shows and other opportunities.

KOYO 303ts

Our Price: $7,999

Costco Price: $5,999

The feature-rich KOYO® 303TS is designed and built in Japan to provide a versatile and nuanced massage experience with maximum performance and dependability. Its 4D massage mechanism with anthropoid silicone massage heads faithfully replicates the feel and movements of a Japanese massage master’s hands.

303TS Features Include:

Enjoy a 5-Year Warranty and Free White Glove Delivery when you purchase a KOYO massage chair at Costco.

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